Saturday, June 14, 2008

Coffee Cakes Galore

I have never before attempted a coffee cake, believing that if it has no frosting it's just not worth it, but a few days ago one of my friends recommended me for an order for a whole bunch of different coffee cakes for one of her co-workers. I did some research and found what I thought were the best of the best and got to work. There were some setbacks (one of them just didn't want to come out of the pretty pan I baked it in, but my co-workers didn't mind the crumbly mess the next day and declared that I can bring my "failures" to them any time I want) but all in all they came out very pretty. Unfortunately, I didn't get to taste any of them, which kinda got me worried, so today I woke up a tiny bit too early (for a saturday morning at least) and baked two of them, one for a party later this evening and another for an early father's day picnic this afternoon. I packed everything up, grabbed a box of my somewhat failed attempt at french macaroons (the feet didn't form like they should have, so I'll have to try that recipe again) and took off to the picnic. All in all I think the coffee cake came out pretty well. It was moist and very tasty, but what the kids at the picnic loved best were the tiny little macaroons that they kept stealing from the box. By the time the adults decided to find out what all the fuss is about the box was almost empty.

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Kajal@aapplemint said...

nice to hear your cake did trun out good at the end. I love coffee cakes, as sometimes you could really do without the extra frosting calories.