Sunday, September 21, 2008

A Rainbow beneath the Monochrome

A friend of mine was throwing a birthday party and asked me to make the birthday cake. But not just any one, the same one as I made for his wedding (white champagne cake with a raspberry mousse, chocolate ganache and buttercream frosting)...but not green...and not pink....or blue.... After we went over the colors "not allowed" I decided that I'm going to mess with him a bit, so I made the cake black and white (see pic above), but I couldn't leave things there, especially since he made such a distinct point about all the colors I couldn't include, so I decided that he was not very specific and only told me not to use those colors on the I put them inside :) With some of the leftover batter I made 6 cupcakes one of which you see here (you can get a bit of an idea of the trickery in this picture):

The color breakdown was a lot neater in the cake layers, but I forgot to take pictures at the party, so the split cupcake will have to do. Everyone was very surprised when the cake was cut and had a lot of fun teasing him about the colors inside. His wife even said that the colors made the cake taste better :)

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Fly said...

dude, i LOVE it!!!! thats so cool that you did that with the batter and it still tastes the same as the other cake! I LOVE IT! its like classy on the ouside, and a circus on the inside! yayaya!

love and miss you.