Monday, January 26, 2009

The woes of working from home

This post will be a bit different from the norm purely due to necessity. I had a dentist appointment this morning and decided to work from home after rather than drool over the keyboard and mumble incoherently at my co-workers in the office. Unfortunately, this would mean that I wouldn't be able to eat anything until about 4pm seeing as how I never eat breakfast at home (I keep cereal and milk at work), I haven't had time to either grocery shop or cook anything in days, and that's approximately when the Novocaine will wear off and I'll be able to put something in my mouth being sure that it won't fall out without my knowledge. Had I been in the office this would have been solved by a trip to something like Jimmy Johns, but things being what they were, the occasion called for musgoes (sp?). This is a term I learned at my friend's house and basically it just means that whatever's in the fridge must go. I realize that usually what I consider to be an empty fridge would feed my little sister and her college roommates for two days, as long as you add ketchup and a bit of ingenuity, but I was lacking inspiration....and then I remembered the package of handmade white wine linguine that I bought at the farmer's market last weekend. I dug up a package of mushrooms and the last onion and made a quick sauce with some beef broth and thyme, tossed it all together and voila! Lunch and dinner! I so have to go shopping tomorrow.

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