Friday, July 24, 2009

All the difference

I wasn't planning on posting anything today since I didn't really bake or pick anything, but as I was munching on the last of the currants I noticed something. If you're lucky, you might find fresh currants at a store by you, but what you'll find are usually loooong strands with sparsely dispersed berries, like ornaments on a Charlie Brown tree. My friend and I picked these ourselves, so we not only got to see how they grow, but we also got to pick the very best bunches...just like the one in the picture. I'll bet you'll never be able to find currants like these at any old store and I just had to share...and maybe brag a little.

P.S. Please ignore my poor thumb in the picture. It still hasn't forgiven me for accidentally slamming the car door on it.

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