Wednesday, November 18, 2009

How about a little game of Poker?

Poker Cakes
Any game, poker included, can be much improved by the addition of cake. Toss in a few birthdays and it sounds like an all out party. A coworker from my last job emailed me a few weeks ago asking if I'd be interested in making a couple of cakes with a poker theme for her husband's and his niece's husband's birthdays. And she was pretty open about the flavors she wanted, so after going back and forth for a bit, we decided on a rich chocolate cake, my no-carrot carrot cake, and a white chocolate dulce de leche cake. I decided not to experiment with any new recipes this time around and go with the old standby's so that I would be absolutely sure everything would come out great. I found some poker chip designs online and copied them for two of the cakes:

Poker Chip Cake
And the chocolate cake lent itself quite nicely to being turned into a poker table:

Poker Table Cake
And since the cakes were for 2 birthdays, I put two jokers on the table :D

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