Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Pretty in Pink

Just a quick little addition. It's a vanilla cupcake with a strawberry mousse filling and vanilla frosting. I recently became obsessed with Craig's list. You may pick this up about me, but I have a somewhat obsessive personality...I'll find a hobby or a project for myself and then become completely absorbed...I also have a somewhat short attention span, so this leaves me with many many projects only a fraction of which are ever completed. I like knowing that on any given day I am never without something to do. So back to Craig's list. It's a treasure trove of stuff that with a bit of TLC can easily become your new favorite. For example, I just bought a beautiful set of German fine china (today's cupcake is in the soup bowl). It has 7 full (and one partial) place settings and a bunch of serverware pieces. I'm now trying to locate the 3 pieces to complete the 8th set and I'll have a gorgeous spread for a tiny tiny fraction of what it would actually cost if it was new. Bargain hunting has always been one of my favorite hobbies since it always comes with waves of happiness when I find an amazing item or deal...although you'll never see the happy little dance that comes with that :)

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Truly Smitten said...

Hey Anna!

I miss your cupcakes sooo much!