Sunday, May 11, 2008

Breaking Silly no-dessert pacts and whatnot

One of my co-workers, Cat, made a pact that starting Jan 1st she will abstain from sweets in the form of dessert for 6months (she's getting married in the fall and figured it's a good way to lose some weight...nevermind that the pact leaves a gap of about 3 months before her wedding where she can just gorge). Anyhow, one of the loopholes was that she can't refuse cake given to her on her birthday, since that would be taking full advantage of that I made sure that there would be something sweet and chocolaty on her birthday. I made a whole bunch of these chocolate and earl gray cupcakes and all in all I think they came out awesome. They were very dense and chocolaty almost like a coffee cake and the earl gray ganache really gave them a nice pretty finish. A bit of coffee whipped cream on top and a fondant butterfly all served on top of one of my recently acquired tea cups and I'd say that's one silly pact down and I'm well on my way to undermining many more.

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