Sunday, August 10, 2008

Joy's Wedding

So remember a few weeks ago when I was doing a trial run for Joy's wedding cupcakes? No? That's okay, because I don't remember it either. In fact I don't remember anything prior to last Thursday. When I did the trial, I just did a few of each kind and that really doesn't prepare a person for making about 300 cupcakes (she needed only 220, but once you're on a roll, it's kinda hard to stop). On the day before the wedding (and incidentally my birthday) I was baking late into the night and my poor sister had to put up with the mixer whirling until 4am, but when she woke up to go to work she said she thought she was still dreaming because the entire dining room and kitchen was filled with cupcakes and the whole house smelled of chocolate. How's that for a test of will power? They came out even better than during the trial though, as I modified both recipes, and the cake itself was awesome too. It's a really rich chocolate cake with strawberry buttercream and ganache filling inside and plain vanilla frosting on the outside. The cupcakes were lemon blueberry and chocolate strawberry just as last time. You can't see them that well in the picture because the lighting was bad and I had my tiny little ineffectual camera with me, but hopefully once Joy gets the professional pictures from the photographer I'll be able to replace this one with that. I made the stand all by myself just minutes before arriving at the reception and I think it came out pretty good.

Here's a decent picture of one before they left home:

And look, this is the photographer's picture of the rings and one of the cupcakes:

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Unknown said...

SHREEEEEEK! WOW! Anna those look so FAB! I miss your cupcakes...there's no bakers here in iowa.... damn woman...How's everything going with you? How's arroweye? busy as ever? ooh post pics of joy's wedding