Sunday, August 3, 2008

The Pistachio Incident

My friend and co-worker had a craving for pistachio cake, and so I set off in search for a recipe. Interestingly enough, there are not that many of them. I found two good ones, one called for a very expensive pistachio cream (which I'm considering making myself in the future as time didn't allow for it this time) and another one using pistachio pudding. I really really wanted the cupcakes to actually taste like pistachios and not just be a bit green, so I used lots of pudding, added some sprite and all in all not enough flour. This resulted in VERY moist and VERY tasty cupcakes that all collapsed on me. Or to be more precise (or diplomatic) provided the perfect little wells for the cream cheese frosting :) I also spent the afternoon making fondant flowers for my friend's wedding cupcakes, so I made a few in pink and put them on these. I think pink looks very nice with green. Since pictures I take at night never look as good as the ones I take during the day, and since I want to really perfect this recipe as it came out very tasty, I'll definitely be making these again, but for now, this is what they looked like.

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Indigo said...

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