Sunday, October 5, 2008

Free the Gnomes!

My friend calls herself and her husband, both of whom are of a short stature, the munchkins and for his birthday she asked me to make him a Gnome cake, which my best friend thought was just too funny. She's been calling me a gnome ever since the movie Amelie came out and I said that I wished someone would steal me and take me around the world like the gnome in the movie. The movie took it's inspiration from the Garden Gnome Liberation Front, who have been around for some time and have gotten themselves into their own fair share of trouble. Travelocity took that idea and ran with it as well, hence their spokesperson is a gnome after which I vaguely styled the cake. It came out a bit shorter then anticipated, hence his lack of feet, but then I figured he should be short anyways, that was the point. Inside he's 4 decadent layers of rich chocolate cake and smooth dulce de leche buttercream. Who WOULDN'T want him for a traveling companion?

Here he is on his recent trip to Russia!

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