Saturday, October 25, 2008

Tasty Brains....Cupcakes that is

I have decided that between crazy all consuming work and cake orders, life is still too boring, and therefore I'm throwing a Halloween Costume party tomorrow for a few of my friends. In honor of the occasion everyone has to dress up and I'm decking out my house in gory and creepy details to the theme of Dracula's Science Lab ('cause then I can decorate however I want). The food is also themed of course, which leads us to this post. The dessert. I saw pictures of brain cupcakes, but for one reason or another mine came out looking less like brains and more like guts...which actually works even better. They're apple spice cupcakes with lemon cream cheese guts with just a touch of strawberry juice for that "freshly acquired" look and I just had to "sample" the tasty specimen in these pictures. Yum!

The totally cool pumpkin set me back 50c at a farmer's market last weekend. I got a whole bunch of em cause they looked so cool. A handful, once they've served their purpose as decor, will be turned into tasty little pies, but more on that later.

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