Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Goodbye Old Friend

Tonight, I have the sad privilege of saying goodbye to my dear and faithful friend of three and a half years, my oven. She passed away late last night halfway through a batch of what would have been wonderful chocolate toffee breads, but what instead ended up in sad pans of half baked goo. It is tragic that after so many years of faithful service she could not complete this one last task. After a frantic attempt to revive her has failed, I promptly called in the troops (my dad), headed to ABT, and after a thorough round of interviews and a small amount of detailed paperwork my shiny newly adopted baby oven will arrive at my doorstep sometime this Friday. I know the old girl would want me to move on. I know that I can't give her the proper farewell she deserves, but seeing as how I can't live without her I had to find a replacement immediately. Though, the memory of the many late nights we spent together will stay in my heart (and the arteries of my friends) forever.

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zontiki said...

you are hilarious!!! :) and congrats on the new baby oven :)