Sunday, April 26, 2009

Inter-office Cake War

This may not look like the best thing I've ever done, but it will taste amazing and totally serve it's purpose. A few days ago our office in Chicago got an email from our company's office in Vegas with a picture of a store bought (Dairy Queen) ice cream cake vaguely resembling our company logo with a subtitle of "Aren't you jealous Chicago?" Now this was entirely unnecessary. I bring baked goods to work all the time, as do a few of my other co-workers, and never have any of us tried to rub their noses in it, or at the very least not with something so...what's a nice word for ugly? I'm not being mean, I'm just quoting a coworker that after looking at the picture of their sad cake said "That's the ugliest heart I've ever seen". Our logo is a skewed target. I felt it was absolutely necessary to retaliate so I sent a reply email declaring war. Me against them and Dairy Queen. Hence this comely little cake. She's got three moist chocolate cake layers swirled with cheesecake, filled with a luscious toffee buttercream, and lovingly wrapped in decadent chocolate cheesecake frosting. And that's where my luck ran out. Summer has finally reached Chicago, and as the warmth permeated my small condo all my icing attempts absolutely refused to set. I finally gave up and did the best I could, hence the runny appearance of the writing. A few more days like this and I'll be forced to turn the air conditioning on. The look and feel of my cakes depend on it. For now I'll leave you with these words: "Victory shall STILL be mine!"

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