Thursday, December 24, 2009

The Last Peaceful Day

The perfect "time out"
It's hard to find a minute to yourself to just relax and enjoy a moment of freedom around this time of the year, so I went ahead and saved my last 15 minutes of peace to pull out whenever I want and remind myself that despite the dark and sleet and gloom outside, the sun will eventually return. And despite the chaos that is my life, I will get another "ohmmmm" moment like this one soon. As you can see from the date on the "Time Out" magazine (get it? Time out? okay, well, I thought it was appropriate), this was a few weeks ago, but seeing this picture reminds me exactly how I felt in that moment. I had no where to be and nothing that needed doing. I could enjoy the amazing mocha I bought at Julius Meinl (my favorite coffee shop) and the perfectly fragile almond cream croissant that shattered into sugary fragments as soon as I bit into it. I could read through the whole magazine without falling asleep or any interruptions.

So, my wish to all of you in the upcoming year is this: May you all have more moments of utter bliss this year and may you have the time to enjoy them.


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Truly Smitten said...

Hope you had a wonderful Christmas, Anna!!! Miss your delicious baked goodies! Happy New year!