Saturday, August 21, 2010

Blackberry Wine Jam and a Bit of Silliness

What's that you say? There's been too much jam and not enough booze on this site? Well that's just silly! There was booze in the peach jam, wasn't there? Oh, alright. How about ... more jam with booze! See what I did there? I made me making more jam YOUR idea. I'm sneaky like that.


You see, last weekend I once again braved the great mosquito forest to forage for some berries. Makes me sound kind of like a bear, doesn't it? Moving on. There were no more blueberries left, I guess that season is over around here (boo), but there were still a few raspberries left and great big blackberries just starting to ripen. My friend and I picked a few pints before throwing our hands up in the air and declaring the mosquitoes as the winners of the day yet again. Either that or the "friendly" chicken chased us out. Not sure.

Nope its a chicken

The raspberries went in my tummy, but the blackberries sat in the fridge for a bit. I had thoughts of blackberry peach pies, pretty little tarts and whatnot, but all that requires the use of the oven...and my oven in on summer break. It's too hot. Granted some may argue that making jam isn't exactly "cool" work, but that's neither here nor there, so I made more jam. I was going to make a just-blackberry jam, like this one (aren't those jars adorable?), then I considered one with honey and black pepper, and then I passed a bottle of Pinot Noir as it was trying to sneak out of the house. I grabbed him by the neck, twisted out the cork and poured the contents into a small pot set over a medium flame (minus a glassful for me of course). There'll be no sneaking out of this house!

Blackberry Wine Jam

Do you remember when the movie Chocolat came out many years ago and everyone went crazy over it? The book was being read in every book club. Well, I didn't see the movie or read that book, but I did read every single other book that author has written right then and there. My favorite was Five Quarters of the Orange, but Blackberry Wine came as a very close second and I think that wrapped along with a jar of this jam it would make a lovely gift.

Blackberry Wine Jam with Tea

I've also just discovered that I have been neglecting this author and that she's been very busy these past few years churning out book after book. I guess I'll have to catch up :D

Blackberry Wine Jam with Tea 2

Blackberry Wine Jam
by me
Makes about 13 eight ounce jars of jam.
Note: I added a lot of wine, so the flavor is strong. Feel free to cut the amount down to a cup or two (pre-reduction) for a more blackberry then wine sort of a jam. It will still be wonderful.

5 pounds of blackberries, washed and patted dry
5 cups of sugar (a bit more if your berries aren't very sweet)
5 tablespoons of lime juice
1 bottle of a not too pricey Pinot Noir or really any red wine that you like
1 box of no sugar needed pectin

- Thoroughly clean all of your jars before you start. Sterilize setting on the dishwasher is fine, but you can also boil them or wash with hot soapy water and dry in the oven. Whatever you pick, just keep those suckers super clean.
- Unceremoniously dump all the fruit into a large pot, top with sugar, and pour in the lime juice.
- Set a smaller pot on the stove over medium heat, pour yourself a nice full glass of wine (you'll need something to keep you company while the jam is cooking), and dump the rest into the smaller pot. Simmer until it has reduced to about a third of it's original volume and don't forget to occasionally give it a stir.
- Back to the big pot. Light the fire under it on high and then smash, mash, blend and basically abuse the mixture inside until it gets to the consistency you like. I like mine smoother so I brought out my immersion blender again and brrrrrrr'd the whole thing.
- Stir this often and once it reaches a full boil, stand very close to it (it could boil over if you don't pay attention) and stir stir stir for about 10 min. By now your wine should be nice and reduced, so go ahead and add it to the fruit.
- Dump in the pack of pectin and keep stirring to incorporate. Cook for 2 minutes and then take off the heat.
- Ladle the hot jam into jars, seal and then process in a water bath for 10 min. You should hear most of the jars popping on the counter as they cool, but if the next day there's any that didn't seal, just put it into the fridge and enjoy it over a cup of tea, a good book, and a hot english muffin...of whatever variety you choose ;)

And for those of you who actually read this far, this is what happens when you're trying to take pictures in a tiny kitchen and happen to not possess a single ounce of balance or grace and happen to bump your entire set with your deriere and knock the precariously balanced toast with jam...right into the steaming cup of tea. Makes for a tasty, if somewhat soggy, snack for that very same graceless so-and-so.

Blackberry Wine Jam Ooops

Disclaimer: I am sick and this post was written while under the influence of cold medicine and after several hours of surfing from one children's book illustrator's blog to another. I'm feeling all sorts of loopy and whimsical.


scrambledhenfruit said...

HeeHee...I love the way you think! That jam looks fabulous! (Even floating in your cup of tea.) Lovely cup and saucer, by the way, and thanks for the link love! I have a bottle of red wine that I think may end up in some of this jam. I actually went back and picked more berries this week. Crazy I know, but they were only $1 a pound. How could I not?
Thanks for the fun account of your jam making!

Chef Dennis Littley said...

the blackberry jam looks delicious! I love the wine in the jam, that really must have kicked up the flavor!

Maria @ ScandiFoodie said...

This looks so gorgeous! I love home made jam :-)

Unknown said...

this looks fabulous...and we happen to have some blackberries growing in our garden. i found your site through foodgawker and so glad i did

Jessica said...

What beautiful photos!

Truly Smitten said...

WOW!!!! this looks just sooo divine! and lovely photos too =)

Victoria said...

I make jam since last week and I intend to do the blackberry jam (one of the few that I have not already made...) This is the first time I see a jam recipe that contains wine. What a great idea! It must be really delicious. This is something that I will try!

precious said...

lovely lovely photos and i loved your sense of humour. will follow this blog time to time.. x

Megan said...

That jam looks delicious! I love the idea of adding wine into it. I am saving this recipe right now! I have always wanted to try and make a jam, but have not done it before. I am really excited about trying out this recipe! Also, delightful cup and saucer! We are tea lovers at our house, so having a good tea cup and brew is always essential. Thanks so much for sharing!

Evan @swEEts said...

Ha you're not going to believe this but I just made blackberry port jam!! Great minds think alike :)

M. said...

wine jam sounds soooo amazing,
I'm saving this recipe to try it out soon!

Tiffany said...

This looks amazing, but I'm short 1.5 pounds of blackberries! Could I substitute frozen raspberries? Or peaches? I have tons of peaches (and am about to make the vanilla peach bourbon jam!)

Anna said...

You guys are too sweet :D For those of you who haven't had jam with booze, try it, it's great!

Scrambledhenfruit, for $1 a pound I'd be swimming in blackberries! I wish they were that cheap by me.

Megan, I agree, nothing better then a cup of tea, a scone and some yummy jam.

Evan, great, now I have to make you a different one :D

Tiffany, I'm not sure about the red wine with peaches, maybe a chardonnay or a riesling would match better? But the pinot noir with raspberries sounds fantastic! Give it a try and let me know how it comes out.

Carol said...

I've just had a blackberry & red wine preserve at a friend's house with WARM BRIE and was looking for a recipe and found yours for jam. Try it - I bet it will be divine!

Anonymous said...

I got the thornless type of blackberries today but they tend to have a white core in the center that I have to pick out after cooking the jam. If I use an immersion blender I fear the white pieces will still be there but to small to pick out. I do like the idea if blending it. I made two batches of blueberry/chardonnay jam and O pulsed the second batch instead of mashing and it was much better.So should I hand smash and pick white pieces out or blend all together? Did your blackberries have a white core?

Anna said...

My blackberries did not have a white core and if you're talking about what I think you're talking about I would say that your best bet is to remove all the cores before you start the jam. It does sound like a bit of a pain though.