Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Whatever was lying around

Some co-workers from our Vegas office are visiting this week and they have been heavily hinting that it's about time I deliver on all my promises to bring them food in exchange for getting my task requests to the front of the line. So I decided that as our office is growing, cupcakes are more practical then a cake. I didn't want to go grocery shopping for the third time this week, so I decided that I have enough stuff around the house to whip something up and these are the result of that. They are pear, apple and banana cupcakes with a lemon cream cheese frosting. I've been dying to put sprinkles on something, so that's where that came from.
I've also decided that I need to start a collection of some sort and since I love tea and everything that goes with it, I've decided to start collecting tea cup\saucer sets. Although it sort of defeats the purpose of having the piece find you, I decided that I need to start on this collection right away and a few days (and a few ebay bidding wars) later, I have 5 super cute tea cups, the very first of which is in the pictures. You will be seeing more of them in the future since I think they're the perfect accompaniment to all kinds of dessert.


Truly Smitten said...

these tasted fantastic!!! i'm going to miss your bakeries in the office. But I shall continue to be your best customer!

Anonymous said...

ok, i can't figure our how to send you an email, so i'll leave a comment my little one is gonna be 1 on June 29, so I was thinking that a cake of sorts may be in order. well, not even for him, but for me and the rest of the family. so....let me know how this works, how much it costs, etc. this would be a cake for ~6 (very hungry) people. i don't know how big/small that is... anyway, the flavor would be up to you (but i really like josh's penguin cake). here's my email: zontiki at gmail dot com (this is olya, yasha's mom, polina's friends, hope you remember me....)