Thursday, July 31, 2008

My favoritest cupcake ever and it's early demise

I'm stuck working from home. Usually this is a horrible situation. I love my tiny condo, but I hate being stuck in these 4 walls for any period over 24 hours especially when they're all spent in front of the computer. Ick! There are things in life that make such days tolerable. For one, my sister will be home in an hour and she's usually good for a few entertaining stories to break the monotony. And two, I have the last chocolate raspberry cupcake sitting in my fridge and quietly calling to me. Normally I don't eat what I bake outside of the casual taste test to make sure that whatever it is, it came out good, but when I need cheering up it's nice to know that for once something I made is actually for me. I only really made two or three of these little guys and they were made from the leftover batter from last night's Eleoink cake, so "Here, here!" for leftovers and their inevitable demise.


crazy steve said...

ok, i know this may be aĆ° very unusual comment. But I love to bake and I want to know how to make a good frosting and a cream that you used on your pink elefant. I´m from Iceland and I have orderd some decaration books who so me how to do these kind of creams but I just cant do them right. if you could be so sweat and give me some good resipies or devise you would be great. Yout cake-decarations are fantastic. Sorry if my english is bad.
if you want to help me my e-mail is
Thank you Engilrad

Kajal@aapplemint said...

haha ... i f i had a cupcake as good looking at that ... i'm not sure i'd even have a chance to photography it .

Anna said...

Thank you!

Steve, the stuff on top that gives that nice smooth finish is actually not frosting, it's fondant. There are tons of recipes on the net to make it yourself, but it's a bit labor intensive, so you may just want to buy it. I haven't really tried making my own yet because I don't like using it, so if you find a recipe that you like, let me know too :)