Thursday, April 3, 2008

Irish Wedding

Next up we have the very first wedding cake I've ever attempted. My very first attempt at a cake this size and even though my kitchen looked like a tornado went through it when I was done, my friends, for whom the cake was, were delighted. Inside it was a white champagne cake drizzled with Chambord, a layer of raspberry mousse and ganache, and all topped with Italian buttercream. I am still searching for the best way to color buttercream. I used two bottles of Wilton's food coloring to achieve this shade and one of my favorite picture from the wedding shows my two friends, Cat and Sean (the bride and groom) sticking their bright green tongues out.

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Momma to R&R said...

I love your cakes. Accidentally came across your blog while updating mine and had to let you know I think your cakes ARE AMAZING. Will keep checking back to see your creations!