Thursday, April 3, 2008


It's not really cake, but this was the most fun I've ever had making "Apple Pie". I have a couple of cookbooks that are purely for the drool factor...their contents seem completely out of reach for anyone that doesn't have a fully stocked professional pastry kitchen (I'm on my way there, but I'm not even close). I was able to find one recipe that given some tweaking and modification could be made by a simple home baker like me. I made the shell by layering several sheets of filo dough with honey, toasted hazelnuts and butter and once the tubes were baked I filled each one with Granny smith apples cooked in caramel, topped with homemade cinnamon ice cream, an apple chip and drizzled some cherry compote around the whole thing on the plate. My whole family was impressed and I was happy with how close it looked to the one on the picture.

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Fly said...

this was probably the best thing i ever ate...ever. the ice cream in the middle was basically orgasmic. lol.